Examination Scheduling for the German University in Cairo using Constraint Programming
(Amira Gamal El-Din, Marlien Nekhela, Mounir Stino)

The project is...

Rule-based Propagation of Global Constraints in CHR
(Abdellatif Olama, Prof. Dr. Thom Frühwirth and Dr. Khalil Djelloul)

Investigation of the rule-based propagation of global constraints is done in the frame of the GLOB-CON project, which is concerned with the formally correct and efficiently executable specification of constraint propagation for complex, global constraints by means of rules. A constraint satisfaction problem consists of a set of constraints which must be satisfied by every solution.

More papers and resources concerning this topic:
- Rule-Based Propagation of Global Constraints (http://khalil.djelloul.free.fr/these-eng.html)
- GLOB-CON Project (http://www.informatik.uni-ulm.de/pm/index.php?id=102)

Transaction Logic and CHR
(Noha Salem and Marc Meister)

Transaction Logic is a very expressive logic that has the classical logic as subset. In TR, the rules are specified, executed and may be reasoned about all using the same syntax. The idea is to express TR in CHR and to add some features enabled by TR yet missing in CHR. Translating the TR syntax is hence a basic setep that should be taken.

More papers and resources concerning this topic:
- Transaction Logic Prototype (www.cs.toronto.edu/~bonner/transaction-logic.html)
- Transaction Logic Papers (http://flora.sourceforge.net/aboutTR.php)
- W3C RIF-WG Wiki (http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/Transaction_Logic)
- Flora-2 knowledge representation and inference system (ftp://ftp.cs.sunysb.edu/pub/TechReports/kifer/flora-odbase2003.pdf)
- Flora-2 Homepage (http://flora.sourceforge.net/florahome.php)

Automatic Rule Generation for recursive definitions
(Ingi Sobhi)

Constraint solvers are not easy to write. Hence, the notion of automatic generation of constraint rules is very appealing. The idea is to automatically generate CHR rules for recursive definitions. The suggested approach is a constructive one, instead of the generate-and-test method.

More papers and resources concerning this topic:
- GLOB-CON - Rule-Based Propagation of Global Constraints (http://www.informatik.uni-ulm.de/pm/fileadmin/pm/home/fruehwirth/)

CHR-BR: An Approach to More Efficient Business Rules
(Amira Thabet)

Business Rules define the operations of an organization and thus play a vital role in its productivity. My main concern is to implement business rules using CHR and then comparing the efficiency of such rules with that of similar products already available.

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