Thursday, July 20, 2006

GUC Examination Scheduling Model using CP

Marlien Edward, Amira Gamal El-Din, Mounir Stino

Exam scheduling problem: Getting closer to the implementation.
The presentation covers where the data used comes from and how data will be extracted then used to create the CP code. This is followed by a discussion of the input and output models, including the data types and relations used. Finally, a discussion of the hard and soft constraints to be implemented is discussed.

Automatic generation of CHR constraint solvers

Ingi Sobhi

In the paper by Slim Abdennadher and Christophe Rigotti, the authors present a framework for automatic generation of CHR solvers given the logical specification of the constraints. The approach enables the generation of more expressive rules (even recursive and splitting rules) compared to their previously presented approach.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The specification of Business Rules

Amira Thabet

A quick overview of the research paper titled: "The Specification of Business Rules: A Comparison of Selected Methodologies" which compares commonly used methods and some relevant enhancements with respect to their expressiveness regarding business rules.

Global Constraints by Jean Charles Régin

Abdellatif Olama

An overview on global constraints in CHR, studying and presenting several main global constraints: alldiff, gcc, cumulative and sort. Based on a chapter on Global Constraints from the book "Constraints and Integer Programming Combined" by Kluwer, M. Milano

Friday, July 14, 2006

An introduction to TR

Noha Salem

A general introduction to Transaction Logic outlining the full logic with a comparison to classical logic. Based on a paper by A. J. Bonner and M. Kifer: "Reasoning about Update Programs using Transaction Logic".

Automatic Generation of Propagation Rules for Finite Domains

Ingi Sobhi

An overview on the algorithm for automatic generation of propagation rules in CHR based on the paper with the same title for S. Abdennadher and C. Rigotti.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Constraint based scheduling

Mounir Stino

A presentation on paper introducing the types of different constraint satisfaction problems. The original paper is by Claude Le Pape.

Classroom Assignment using Constraint Logic Programming

Amira Gamel El-Din

A presentation discussing the "Classroom Assignment using Constraint Logic Programming" paper, written by Slim Abdennadher, Matthias Saft and Sebastian Will, University of Munich, Germany (2000).


University Course Timetabling using Soft Constraints

Marlien Nekhela

University Course Timetabling with Soft Constraints by Hana Rudova and Keith Murray. Using CLP to overcome an over constrained demand driven problem, a preference solver was implemented to construct a huge automated timetabling system at Purdue university.

Thursday, July 6, 2006 (2nd Seminar Day on CHR)

ARM Tool: Automatic Rule Miner

Abdellatif Olama, Noha Salem, Amira Thabet

The ARM tool serves as a graphical user interface for generating rules automatically in CHR. Features and options were presented as well as the idea of the PropMiner algorithm on which the tool is based were discussed.

Using Constraint Programming to Solve Timetabling Problems

Marlien Edward, Amira Gamal El-Din, Mounir Stino

The presentation starts with an introduction of the student members of the Egyptian research group and a brief description of their tasks.
However, the main target of the presentation is to introduce the idea of using CP to solve scheduling problems with the aim of designing an examination schedule with a timetable for the students as well as for the invigilators.

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