The German University in Cairo (GUC) has sent four of its teaching assistants from the departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering together with three 6th-term students from the Faculty of Media Engineering & Technology to spend a 2-months research trip in Germany at the University of Ulm.

Their main research focus hovers around the fields of Constraint Logic Programming and Constraint Handling Rules. (more>>)

The Egyptian research team under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Slim Abdennadher - Dean of Engineering Faculties at the German University in Cairo - have been offered training positions at the department of Programming Methodology and Compiler Construction. There they are being supervised by Prof. Dr. Thom Frühwirth and his co-workers.

This website is intended to serve as the trip diary and to archive the most significant highlights of this summer training including all the relevant material thereof.

The GUC team at Uni Ulm
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