HCMV drug resistance mutations

A new tool linking human cytomegalovirus drug resistance mutations to resistance phenotypes

Supplementary information

Original publication

Antiviral Research (2010)

Tool & test sequences

Link to online HCMV drug resitance mutations tool (UL54, UL97).

The details about the used protein sequences can be found here:
Details about UL54
Details about UL97

New version with support for wild bases and frameshift mutations

Link to an online mutation resistence analyzer with support of wild bases and frameshift mutations

Just copy one of these sequences to the corresponding form field.

Test sequence UL54

Test sequence UL97

Detailed Usage

How to fill in the form



The sequence data must be submitted to the server by using the corresponding form field for UL54 or UL97. Important: the sequence is required in FASTA-Format. An optional identifier can be used to be shown in the result view. You can either copy the sequence in the text area or upload it in FASTA-format with a valid file extension (txt, fa, fasta).

Always check the checkbox for confirming that you have read and accepted the "Terms of use".


The id shown to you

The submitted data is compared via BLAST to the reference sequence of UL54 or UL97, respectively. Only sequences sharing more than 60 nucleotids with the reference sequence will be analysed. Access to the information is granted by a special id, so you can share your results with other users. Results can also be explicitly deleted in the result view.

Important: Everyone who may guess the id will have access to your results, so make sure not providing sensitive data e.g. name of patients.


The result view



In the result view mutations, insertions and deletions are listed in the upper area. Positions of mutations are visualized in the plotting area. If additional information about a mutation is found in our database, it is shown in the lower table.

Hint: Enabled Javascript to have access to sorting and filtering forms of the table.

You can permanently delete the results by clicking the "Delete" button on the top right of the result view. Otherwise, the results will be deleted after 7 days.

You can export the results in PDF-format by clicking the "Export" button on the top right of the result view.

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