PLANET General Network Meeting

February 20/21, 2003
University of Ulm


The General Network Meeting will be held at the Computer Science Faculty of the University of Ulm, Germany. Information about how to get to the meeting location can be found here.

PLANET General Network Meeting Agenda

Thursday, Feb. 20 Friday, Feb. 21
9:00 Welcome PLANSERVE working group
9:10 Project Overview:
Recent achievements and future work (S. Biundo)
9:30 WP2: Technology transfer and communication (B. Drabble)
09:50 WP1: Synergy in research and development (L. McCluskey) Working group meetings
10:10 TCU Reports
  • Knowledge engineering (L. McCluskey)
  • P&S for the Web (A. Milani)
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:00 TCU Reports
  • Intelligent Manufacturing (R. Aylett)
  • Workflow Management (D. Borrajo)
Presentation of working group meetings' results
11:20 Discussion
11:35 Introduction to the 3rd PLANET summer school (D. Borrajo)
11:45 Presentation and discusssion of the PLANET exploitation plan (T. Grant)
12:15 Presentation and discussion of activities in view of FP6 (T. Grant)
12:45 Lunch Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Working group meetings
  • Knowledge Engineering (road map) and ICKEP
  • P&S for the Web (road map)
  • P&S Curriculum
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 IPLANS working group
20:00 PLANET Dinner

Working groups

The following working groups / task forces will be active. The topics they address include the following.



Photos of the General Network Meeting (soon)...

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