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Formal Verification of Transformations for Peephole Optimization

A. Dold, F. W. von Henke, H. Pfeifer, H. Rueß

appeared in: Proc. of the 4th Internat. Symposium of Formal Methods Europe (FME'97) , Graz


In this paper we describe a formal verification of transformations for peephole optimization using the PVS system. Our basic approach is to develop a generic scheme to mechanize these kinds of verifications for a large class of machine architectures. This generic scheme is instantiated with a formalization of a non-trivial stack machine and a PDP-11 like two-address machine, and we prove the correctness of more than 100 published peephole optimization rules for these machines. In the course of verifying these transformations we found several errors in published peephole transformation steps. From the information of failed proof attempts, however, we were able to discover strengthened preconditions for correcting the erroneous transformations.

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PVS Specification files: peephole.dump or gzipped peephole.dump.gz

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