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A Generic Specification for Verifying Peephole Optimizations

A. Dold, F. W. von Henke, H. Pfeifer, H. Rueß

Technical Report UIB 95-14, Universität Ulm, Fakultät für Informatik, Dec. 1995

Note: This report is superseded by Formal Verification of Transformations for Peephole Optimization.


In this paper a generic specification for verifying local optimizations on machine code (peephole optimization) using the specification and verification system PVS is presented. The scheme which provides useful definitions, basic properties and user-defined proof strategies abstracts from the specific instruction set of a machine as well as from its semantics. In addition, we formally represent a stack machine as well as a two-address machine. The general scheme is applied to both machines and local optimizations are formalized and verified using the defined proof strategies.

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