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Mechanizing Domain Theory

F. Bartels, H. Pfeifer, F.W. v. Henke, H. Rueß

Revised version of Technical Report UIB 96-10
Universität Ulm, Fakultät für Informatik, Oct. 1997


We describe an encoding of major parts of domain theory and fixed-point theory in the PVS extension of the simply-typed lambda-calculus; these formalizations comprise the encoding of mathematical structures like complete partial orders (domains), domain constructions, the Knaster-Tarski fixed-point theorem for monotonic functions, and variations of fixed-point induction. Altogether, these encodings form a conservative extension of the underlying PVS logic. A major problem of embedding mathematical theories like domain theory lies in the fact that developing and working with those theories usually generates myriads of applicability and type-correctness conditions. Our approach to exploiting the PVS devices of predicate subtypes and judgements to establish many applicability conditions behind the scenes leads to a considerable reduction in the number of the conditions that actually need to be proved. We illustrate the applicability of our encodings by means of simple examples including a mechanized fixed-point induction proof in the context of relating different semantics of imperative programming constructs.

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