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Pictures from Saturday
Contest, Faculty Meeting and Social Event

These pictures have been taken with an Apple QuickTake Digital Camera provided by DataQuest

Frank Möhle, Contest Director, having everything under control!

The contestants getting prepared for the contest

Erich Oswald, Chief Judge, counting down...

The team Ulm 2 (Germany) is studying the problem set.

Franz Schulte, Runner, seems to be quite relaxed

Michal Winczer (left), Central European Contest Secretary, and Peter Mederly, Central European Contest Director, preparing the Problem Set for their Contest to be held on Nov. 23.

Monika Schaffner (left) and Sibylle Waldvogel setting up the buffet lunch...

...which shortly after is appreciated by the contestants

Robin O'Leary, Invited Judge and European Director, has just confirmed an accepted run!

Giovanni Righini, Team Coach from Milano, Italy, playing some game while his team is solving the problems.

Miguel Revilla (left) and Javier Achirica from Valladolid checking their e-mail

William B. Poucher (left) and Robin O'Leary are quite happy about the ranklist.

Michael Buschauer serving some refreshments during the reception before the award ceremony

The great moment is arriving as Frank Möhle (left) and William B. Poucher start the Award Ceremony.

The Teams Ulm 1 and Ulm2 (scoring on first and second place) with their pretty supporters

Martin Gumhold, Team Coach of Ulm 1, seems to be very happy about the result of his team.

The Teams CTU Prague 1 and 2 (scoring third and ninth) with their team coach

Everyone enjoying spaghetti at the social event after the Award Ceremony

Our Contest Secretary's office the day after (meanwhile he has cleaned up, as you can see)

The Southwestern European Regional Programming Contest 1996 was sponsored
by Microsoft and supported by Union Bank of Switzerland

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