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Pictures from Friday
Preparations, Opening, Practice Session and Dinner

These pictures have been taken with an Apple QuickTake Digital Camera provided by DataQuest


Jacques Supcik, Judge and local system support staff, setting up the contestant's accounts

William B. Poucher, ACM Programming Contest Director, listening to the opening ceremony.

The judges waiting for the first submission...
(from left to right: Frank Möhle, Emil Zeller, Erich Oswald, Manuel Bleichenbacher, Robin O'Leary, Matthias Ruhl)

...which comes in shortly afterwards!
(from left to right: Berni Seybold, Frank Möhle, Jacques Supcik, Emil Zeller, Erich Oswald, Matthias Ruhl, Manuel Bleichenbacher)

Roland Vögeli, Chief of staff, explaining the PASCAL compiler options to the team from Genova, Italy

Frank Möhle, Contest Director (left), supervising Hans Domjan (Contest Secretary), as he is fine-tuning the on-line Ranklist

"So easy, the Practice Session Problem set", says Boba Mannova, team coach of CVUT Prague

Miguel Revilla and his team from Valladolid enjoying the dinner

The Southwestern European Regional Programming Contest 1996 was sponsored
by Microsoft and supported by Union Bank of Switzerland

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